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Oxford University Press' College Division is dedicated to providing quality service to all its customers everywhere in the world. The most common requests we get are for evaluation copies, desk copies and ancillary material. It is absolutely critical that these requests are accompanied by complete and thorough information. Incomplete information will result in a delay.

In the United States

Desk/Examination Copies-- if you are considering or have already adopted a title for a course.

For additional assistance when considering titles for adoption, please contact your OUP college sales representative. Click here for details.

Order a book-- if you're ready to buy! (Orders only valid for U.S.A. customers.)

Reprint permission-- to find out how to reprint material copyrighted by OUP-USA.

If you have further inquiries, you may write to:
Oxford College Sales & Marketing
198 Madison Ave
New York, NY 10016
Fax: 212-726-6450
Or send email to: college@oup-usa.org

Outside of the United States

In Canada, please write to: Oxford University Press
c/o College Department
70 Wynford Drive
Don Mills, Ontario M3C 1J9
Email: natalie@oupcan.mail.net
All other international inquiries should be addressed to the OUP-USA International Sales Department:

International Sales Department
198 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10016
Fax: 212-726-6453
Email: intlsales@oup-usa.org

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