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NEW - Inadvertently missing from the second printing CD-ROM are the Complete Solutions for Students to 20% of the text exercises. These solutions have been prepared by the author and are resident on this website as Windows zipped files in HTML format - able to be viewed in any standard Web browser. The problems with solutions on disk are marked by a symbol next to the problem in the text. You can download these problems here.

A CD-ROM Disk is packaged with each new book. The CD contains:

The demonstration version of Electronics Workbench Multisim Version 6, an innovative teaching and learning software product that is used to build circuits and to simulate and analyze their electrical behavior. This demonstration version includes 20 demo circuit files built from circuit examples from this textbook. The CD also includes another 80 circuits from the text that can be opened with the full student or educational versions of Multisim These full versions can be obtained from Electronics Workbench at http://www.electronics.workbench.com.

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Microsoft PowerPoint Overheads to Accompany Introduction to Electrical Engineering, 019-514472-4, are free to adopters. Over 350 text figures and captions are available for classroom projection use.

For hundreds of additional PowerPoint Overheads on selected topics contact your local Oxford University Press sales representative at college@OUP-USA.org.

You may also download the PowerPoint presentations here.

A Solutions Manual to Accompany Introduction to Electrical Engineering, by M.S. Sarma, 019-514260-8, with complete detailed solutions (provided by the author himself) for all problems in the book is available to adopters.

Circuits: Allan’s Circuits Problems by Allan Kraus,
019-514248-9, which includes over 400 circuit analysis problems with complete solutions, many in MATLAB and SPICE form.
Click here for details.


SPICE: SPICE by Gordon Roberts and Adel Sedra, 019-510842-6, features over 
100 examples and numerous exercises for computer-aided analysis of microelectronic circuits.
Click here for details

kc's problems

KC's Problems & Solutions by K.C. Smith, 019-511771-9, which includes over 400 electronics problems and their complete solutions. Click here for details.

kc's problems

Getting Started with MATLAB, by Rudra Pratap, 019-512947-4, provides a quick introduction to using this powerful software tool.
Click here for details.


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